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a blog all about small animal nutrition, for pet parents and veterinary professionals alike.

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Nutritional Nurse Consultant, Jessica, grew her passion for animal nutrition through veterinary nursing. She created a nurse-led nutritional consultancy service at her small animal clinic and is studying towards Veterinary Technician Specialist status in Nutrition.

She has seen first hand what problems poor nutrition can cause in our furry friends, especially with the huge amount of misinformation online. This blog was created with this in mind; to provide useful information on animal nutrition for both pet parents and veterinary professionals with an interest in nutrition.

recent blog posts

Transitioning made simple

So, you want to start a new diet, or your vet has sent you home with a new food, but you’ve been told to transition slowly. What does that even mean!? Transitioning simply means phasing out one food while gradually adding in the new food. “But why,” you may ask, “I don’t transition when IContinue reading “Transitioning made simple”

Upset tummy? Now what!

One of the most common things I come across in clinic is pets with upset tummies; I’m talking diarrhea. Despite it being one of the most common reasons for presenting, it’s also often where I see the biggest nutrition mistakes being made. Chicken and riceThis ‘bland’ diet recommendation is the age-old adage that is aContinue reading “Upset tummy? Now what!”

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